2804, 2017

Book Review: Die Broke

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  [Quit Today, Pay Cash, Don’t Retire and most important] Die Broke                 I’m a sucker for any and all things personal financial related. One of the best feelings for me is a book (any [...]

3001, 2017

Expanding Escaping Retail..

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  Hello All! This year I was taking a look at what I wanted to do with I was tempted to kibosh the whole enterprise just for simplicity’s sake and perhaps list the book [...]

1909, 2016

A Glance at the Return on Investment (ROI) of a Pharmacy Education

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One of the questions I see all the time from potential pharmacy students is: is it worth it? Are pharmacy school education and its corresponding debt load, worth the time that I will invest into [...]

1209, 2016

Pharmacy’s Golden Handcuffs – Part 1

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  Retail pharmacy is the launching pad for a great majority of pharmacy careers. According to statistics about 60% of pharmacists start their careers as pharmacists in the retail setting. The retail sector has some [...]

309, 2016

My Pivot from Retail Pharmacy to Hospital Pharmacy (And the Things I learned)

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My Pivot from Retail Pharmacy to Hospital Pharmacy (And Some Things I learned) I started with my first retail pharmacy company in May of 2007. I applied for a position at this particular pharmacy company the [...]

705, 2016

The Fork in The Road: How to Make the Right Choices for a Great Career!

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How do you handle fork-in-the-road choices in your career? What about the navigating the time after the conclusion of a work/school era? Imagine you’re a brand new graduate, facing the choice between taking a residency [...]