I’m the first-generation child of immigrant parents from Nigeria, whose first love was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I was raised in a small town in middle Georgia. I attended a private undergraduate university in Macon, Georgia and private pharmacy school in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating in 2011. My first job in retail pharmacy was as a pharmacy intern which I started the same month I was accepted into pharmacy school. I had some of my most memorable firsts in the retail pharmacy setting: my first experience with a crazy patient and the first time I opened a pharmacy as THE pharmacist.

After being promoted to the role of pharmacy manager I found that the hours I was putting in at the store, were leaving me both emotionally and physically tired  and unable to really engage with my family the way I wanted to. I also felt like my opportunities to advance was subject to the effects of mergers and acquisitions way beyond my control.



I decided to pursue a residency in order to find the pieces of my professional life that were missing. After months of applying, interviewing, and asking co-workers, professors, and supervisors for recommendations, I was accepted into a residency program in South Georgia.  After residency I got the opportunity to practice in the hospital setting which allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow daily.



Escaping retail is less about moving from the community setting to alternative practice settings and more about helping pharmacists take control of their career paths and find information and firsthand accounts from pharmacists who are currently practicing. Making sure that pharmacy students and pharmacists are taking full control of their career paths is something I’m interested in.

Escaping Retail